Born and raised in Israel, Hen Siso grew up with a natural talent for recognizing quality sound. Throughexploration of different instruments, she discovered music was her way of life. She took her first piano lesson when she was nine years old and since then music has been a huge part of her life. After her service in the army at age 20, she moved to Miami and has been developing her professional career in singing, guitar, deejaying, and drumming, adding culture and rhythm to any music genre makes it very special and unique.

Hen is quickly able to adapt to every atmosphere she performs in. She always creates a fun, intimate and memorable experience with every performance and continues to immerse herself in learning and developing  quality sound for her clients. produces her own music and having that ability is creating such an exciting stage in her career. It is her driving force that she gets to make her own style and express her feeling and emotions through music. Currently, you can see Hen at The Hard Rock Casino where she deejays and drums every  Saturday night at the L bar. You can also book her for charity events, galas, weddings, private events, night clubs, and exclusive celebrity events. 


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